History of the Far East Development

The mod development started back in 2011, when a great Company of Heroes player by the name of tiger205,
decided that he wanted to show the heroism that the Soldiers did for their country in the Sino-Japanese War.
He Made the mod now called “Far East War”. With the help of other great modders, Chopin, and modders from the Chinese website “Baidu”. Together the released the beta on August 29, 2013. This was the last version to be released on Mod DB, until mid-2016.

The Reason for the Far East Mod never being updated on Mod DB was because of the Mod founder Tiger205,
he did all the Mod DB updated and everything. He got married and left the team and no one from “Baidu” could work out how to use Mod DB.

“Far East War” was always being updated in “Baidu” but never in Mod DB. The successor who took over
tiger205 was RED Bayonet He worked on the development with Tiger205, but when tiger205 left he took over
and kept “Far East War” alive.

Mid-year 2016 a guy called “_RedHawk (aka. Lord Mikel)” found this Chinese website knowing that the Far East
was still alive, luckily he found “RED Bayonet”. As soon as he found him he asked to help to get the Far East
War back up onto Mod DB, now _RedHawk is now part of the development of Far East War. More and more people
wanting to help to make the Far East War a better mod

And now Far East War is back up to Mod DB and we are hoping for a bright future in this Mod.
Including a steam, release to bring the mod to the wider Company of Heroes Community

Thank you for supporting us by playing the mod, we make the mod for you